Sight&Sound April Cover by Christopher Brawn

Featuring Kristen Stewart. We matched the background colour with the feature so they appeared to be taken at the same time, even though they were by two different photographers. Cover by Maarten de Boer, spread by Jay L Clendenin.

Two Trumps by Christopher Brawn

So far in Sight&Sound we have published two illustrations featuring Donald Trump. The first is by Simon Cooper for the Editorial on the Oscars. The second for a column by Mark Cousins on how Orson Welles' cinema seemed to prophesy Trump's America.

Sight&Sound January cover by Christopher Brawn

Damien Chazelle’s bewitching musical 'La La Land' is saturated in the style of its classic Hollywood forebears. We aimed to replicate the style of 1950s Hollywood musical posters and approached Doug Sirois who specializes in recreating vintage movie posters.

S&S Oct, Nov and Dec covers by Christopher Brawn

October features an illustration by Alex Williamson of the film 'American Honey'. November is a portrait of David Oyelowo by Richard Saker. Finally, December shows the star of the new Jim Jarmusch film 'Paterson', Adam Driver photographed by Jeff Vespa.

Black Star Book by Christopher Brawn

From Hollywood to Nollywood, British cinema to American television, and from much-loved comedies to the most moving of dramas, black stars have lit up our screens and inspired all of our imaginations. This BFI book uncovers the history of these great black stars of film and television, exploring a legacy that stretches from the long-forgotten figures of the early years of cinema to the global megastars of today, and from the ongoing fight against racism and prejudice to the flash bulbs of the red carpet – the story of the black star.