BFI Shop

The new BFI shop on the Southbank features spreads and covers decorating the display racks for Sight&Sound.

Sight&Sound May Issue

Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the prolific German director, who died of an overdose at the age of just 37, features on the cover where we used a 5th colour silver.

Sight&Sound April Cover

Featuring Kristen Stewart. We matched the background colour with the feature so they appeared to be taken at the same time, even though they were by two different photographers. Cover by Maarten de Boer, spread by Jay L Clendenin.

Two Trumps

So far in Sight&Sound we have published two illustrations featuring Donald Trump. The first is by Simon Cooper for the Editorial on the Oscars. The second for a column by Mark Cousins on how Orson Welles' cinema seemed to prophesy Trump's America.

Sight&Sound January cover

Damien Chazelle’s bewitching musical 'La La Land' is saturated in the style of its classic Hollywood forebears. We aimed to replicate the style of 1950s Hollywood musical posters and approached Doug Sirois who specializes in recreating vintage movie posters.

S&S October, November and December covers

October features an illustration by Alex Williamson of the film 'American Honey'. November is a portrait of David Oyelowo by Richard Saker. Finally, December shows the star of the new Jim Jarmusch film 'Paterson', Adam Driver photographed by Jeff Vespa.

Black Star Book

From Hollywood to Nollywood, British cinema to American television, and from much-loved comedies to the most moving of dramas, black stars have lit up our screens and inspired all of our imaginations. This BFI book uncovers the history of these great black stars of film and television, exploring a legacy that stretches from the long-forgotten figures of the early years of cinema to the global megastars of today, and from the ongoing fight against racism and prejudice to the flash bulbs of the red carpet – the story of the black star.

Sight&Sound August Issue Illustration

The August 2016 copy of Sight&Sound was a bumper issue for illustration, with work from Kate Gibb, Simon Cooper, Arthur Chiverton, Mick Brownfield, Adam Nickel, Nate Kitch and Andy Watt.

Sight&Sound June and July Covers

June shows Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny in Whit Stillman's 'Love & Friendship'. July is from Nicolas Winding Refn's 'The Neon Demon', featuring the first time I've tackled neon type.

Sight&Sound December and January Covers

The December issue features Todd Haynes director of the Patricia Highsmith adaptation 'Carol'. In January we featured Leonardo Dicaprio star of Alejandro González Inárritu's 'The Revenant'.

The Love Book

Just received copies of the Love book, which will accompany the forthcoming season at the BFI Southbank.

Sight&Sound November cover

Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak is an ornate, carnal gothic tale about a young American woman in the early 20th century looking to lay her childhood fears to rest. Photography by Allan Amato and lettering by Sarah J Coleman at Inkymole.

Student sampler

Here is a mini mag we've just produced to introduce Sight&Sound to students. Available at a freshers fair near you!

September and October 2015 Cover

For almost half a century the director, John Waters, has provided a beacon for the maladjusted and misunderstood – and been a bête noir for puritans. He features as our cover star on the September issue with cover type by Sarah J Coleman at Inkymole.

In our October issue we celebrate a selection of remarkable works by female filmmakers that have unjustly slipped from public view – with choices by Jane Campion, Greta Gerwig, Claire Denis and Agnès Varda among others. The cover was illustrated by Lorenzo Petrantoni.

August 2015 Cover

Pete Docter's 'Inside Out', which explores a young girl's growing pains from the perspective of the animated emotions inside her mind, is a spellbinding return to form for Pixar Studios, offering a remarkably thorough exploration of the human psyche and a shrewd examination of the value of sadness in everyday life. This cover features an 'Animation Special' logo designed by Andy Smith.


I've just printed an 8 page tabloid sampler of my work with the Newspaper Club.