Sight&Sound November cover by Christopher Brawn

Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak is an ornate, carnal gothic tale about a young American woman in the early 20th century looking to lay her childhood fears to rest. Photography by Allan Amato and lettering by Sarah J Coleman at Inkymole.

September and October 2015 Cover by Christopher Brawn

For almost half a century the director, John Waters, has provided a beacon for the maladjusted and misunderstood – and been a bête noir for puritans. He features as our cover star on the September issue with cover type by Sarah J Coleman at Inkymole.

In our October issue we celebrate a selection of remarkable works by female filmmakers that have unjustly slipped from public view – with choices by Jane Campion, Greta Gerwig, Claire Denis and Agnès Varda among others. The cover was illustrated by Lorenzo Petrantoni.

August 2015 Cover by Christopher Brawn

Pete Docter's 'Inside Out', which explores a young girl's growing pains from the perspective of the animated emotions inside her mind, is a spellbinding return to form for Pixar Studios, offering a remarkably thorough exploration of the human psyche and a shrewd examination of the value of sadness in everyday life. This cover features an 'Animation Special' logo designed by Andy Smith.

June and July 2015 Cover by Christopher Brawn

The June issue has a French Cinema Special which traces the growing visibility of ethnic-minority actors on French screens, a focus on the coming-of-age drama 'Girlhood'. Plus, features on François Ozon's 'The New Girlfriend' and Olivier Assayas' 'Clouds of Sils Maria'.

In July, with all that has been written about Welles – born 100 years ago – it might feel as if there’s nothing new to say. But the restless polymath left such a vast body of work it’s still possible to find underappreciated gems – from his first professional film outing, 'Too Much Johnson', to a 1950s TV travelogue series to his late unfinished opus 'The Other Side of the Wind'.

May 2015 Cover by Christopher Brawn

The cinema of the Southern Gothic is haunted by the ghosts of slavery, lost loves and dark family secrets, and set in a world characterised by macabre violence. This cover by Alex Williamson captures it brilliantly.

Special issue covers by Christopher Brawn

The April 2015 issue of Sight&Sound picks 50 of the most intriguing examples of films that exist in different versions due to director's cuts or because they have been dubbed or censored for television. In the September 2013 issue we had a television special looking at how 50 top-drawer directors, from Robert Altman to Orson Welles made their impact on the smaller screen. In both cases I needed to design a cover to reflect that this was not a standard issue.

Stamps by Christopher Brawn

At Sight&Sound we believe in officialdom and  rigidly adhere to regulations and bureaucracy. It is in this uplifting spirit that I have designed these stamps to help us in the rigorous process of getting the magazine to print with as few errors as possible.

Screen print by Christopher Brawn

When I was at London College of Printing nearly twenty years ago, studying typography, one of the many elements of the course was screen printing. Since I left in 1999 I haven't screen printed. However, after recently working with Kate Gibb I've been inspired to start again and have set up an area in the loft at home. Here is my first effort. 

March 2015 Cover by Christopher Brawn

In keeping its focus on one of the key chapters of the Civil Rights Movement, director Ava DuVernay's 'Selma' avoids the pitfalls of the biopic and succeeds in portraying Martin Luther King with a rare intimacy. We asked illustrator Alex Williamson to come up with some ideas for the cover. Here's what he came up with

And the winner is ...